• As a business owner and entrepreneur, progressing and growing is incredibly important to me. Not only for myself, but for growing my business, and ultimately delivering more for clients, as I believe a business can only grow so far as the people who manage and run it. I decided to work with Rachel, as I had many stories from my childhood around money and guilt.

    This has been a recurrent story and I was looking to shift this to be in a far more powerful place. I have enjoyed and been blown away by the insights. The depth and understanding that Rachel has, has been incredible, and has literally crushed many of my dis-empowering and negative childhood stories.

    The entire journey has been incredibly important as a whole. The huge breakthrough I had was carrying guilt from my childhood - which actually had nothing to do with me. The guilt was from my parents, passed down to me, and I literally took on their ‘story’ as my own. Being able to see this transformed this ‘story’ and has transformed my business to new heights. After all, if you are carrying around negative stories and beliefs such as guilt, how can you even think to have a business that is successful and able to grow? Thank you Rachel, what an empowering and value experience!

    Kate E Money Coaching Client
  • I chose Rachel, as my Money Coach, as I wanted to understand if my habits regarding money were affecting my day-to-day life, and if so, how I could make changes that would impact me positively. I was looking to be supported by others, after years of supporting myself. I enjoyed the informative, yet friendly support, helping me to understand my money history. I found the whole journey enlightening. My favourite session was reviewing the origins of my patterns, realising from which parent my thoughts / actions around money came from. I now understand my feelings towards money and the feeling it gives me! This process has helped me greatly in terms of how I will make financial decisions as I move forward in my life.

    Ellie S Money Coaching Client
  • The session was very valuable and something every new investor will find rewarding. It offered an opportunity to speak to an experienced investor about a journey that I was about to embark on for the very first time. It was a chance to have ideas clarified and initial questions asked and answered.

    It was an open and frank discussion with a friendly, knowledgeable and and well-meaning individual who was not trying to usher you into something but just wanted to offer good, plane insight into the path I was going on. What was greatly appreciated was that the session was not rushed but each phase of the discussion clearly explained and executed. There was no question too small or too silly to be answered. Rachel was also very willing to share personal life experiences which added to the authenticity of the experience. Within the discussion, it was lovely to note the range of topics/issues that were covered: from personal financial goals to motives for entering into this field, to budgeting, to ideas for using other people's money to sources of further financial insights to research that give that bit of a head start.

    Rachel’s patience, honesty with personal experiences, knowledge of subject, ability to address every question and wonderful suggestions for further reading and research were excellent.

    Judith J Property Coaching Client
  • We found Rachel to be motivating, knowledgeable and very informative. She was very factual and we related well to her experience as a property investor. We would definitely recommend her as a great coach!

    Tanea C Property Coaching Client
  • I found Rachel to be very friendly and positive and with great knowledge of property investing. She gave me the confidence that with careful planning I can achieve my goals through investing in properties also the exercises I was given will help me understand pricing and give me an idea as to where to start. Very informative and maybe one day I can meet Rachel once I’ve built my property empire.

    Paulo S Property Coaching Client
  • Rachel provided very clear information and interspersed it with actual examples from her investment career to date. The call also challenged some of my emerging preconceptions which is appreciated. Overall this was very useful and the open and encouraging approach from Rachel has helped increase my resolve to take things forward with an open mind. Many thanks Rachel!

    Stuart E Property Coaching Client
  • I had the pleasure of Rachel as my coach. She presented a good capture and we seemed to connect well. For me, the content of the call was the most difficult part as I had to try to be open and keep an open mind, this was challenging as I would NOT normally discuss and share my personal affairs with a perfect stranger. Being prepared helped as I could easily re-focus on WHY I was doing what I was doing, with Rachel guiding and informing me as to the HOW and WHAT part of the strategy matched my WHY.

    Simon G Property Coaching Client
  • As you open a door into a new season and step through it into a new life, having someone like Rachel Gregory on the phone at that crucial first stage was so amazing for us. She put us at ease whilst also encouraging us and drawing things out from us. She was super professional whilst also being really down to Earth and actually pretty vulnerable with us about her journey which only served to further reassure us that we had made the right decision. We will forever be grateful to Rachel for being there for us and doing such a great job right at the start.

    Jonny F Property Coaching Client
  • Really impressed with the open and honest conversation. Felt very comfortable sharing information about financials and goals because Rachel`s style of communication was easy to relate to. Her experiences were similar to our investment situation so we are on the same page. The conversation covered a lot and made things a lot clearer as to the direction we need to be travelling in to set goals and start considering how we meet them.

    Shane H Property Coaching Client
  • Excellent call, very good information. There was lots of very useful advice and we packed so much into the call. I now have a plan of action, plus I know a lot more about credit and the beginnings of how to make my plan work. I left the call feeling very positive when before the call I was a bit apprehensive. A very impressive, well organised call.

    Louise R Property Coaching Client
  • Rachel was really helpful, reassuring and gave concise clarity to the way forward. I already feel more confident about embarking on my professional property investment business. It was great to listen to top advice from someone who has been successfully investing, and some of the strategy elements that they have used along the way. I am even more excited about the future now that I have spoken with Rachel. Many thanks!

    Richard B Property Coaching Client
  • My call with Rachel was very well structured and informative. After introducing herself, Rachel asked me a few questions about my situation, gave me some direction on how to start this journey, provided a clear plan for me to properly prepare for the training together with information about financing options, property research and how to develop my knowledge around property investment. Very helpful!

    Agnes L Property Coaching Client
  • Rachel was great, she was professional throughout our conversation. Very useful information and very good advice to start our journey into property investing, we feel that we are on the right track, and she understood our concerns, she explained her worries when she started out, and made us realise it's possible with learning and having the guts to do it.

    Louise R Property Coaching Client
  • Very useful to hear from someone actively involved in property investment with a 'real world' view of the process. It makes the process less opaque and far easier to understand.

    Louise T Property Coaching Client
  • Open two-way dialog, delivering professional real-life experience & advice in areas, very proficient & detailed throughout our session honing-in the areas we should focus based on my personal requirements today & future investment goals.

    Bruce M Property Coaching Client
  • Property has been the flee in my ear, that's never gone away. Due to procrastination, other diary commitments and a little bit of cold feet, I've only just got around to actually doing something about it. Step one was to have a strategy call. Again, with a certain amount of trepidation I went ahead and booked the call. The phone rang on the scheduled date and time and I got to speak to Rachel. After introductions she asked how I was feeling and I was honest and said I was unsure and not convinced yet. Rachel set out the agenda for the call and proceeded to tell me her story, which I could totally relate to. I then talked about myself, what I'd done and my ambitions, probably for far too long.

    At this point I was feeling much happier about what was in front of me. We then went through lots of different options available in the property market, and she gave me lots of guidance without being over the top. Rachel spent time answering my questions and giving me pointers and things I could start on. By the end of the call I was slightly sad that we had to leave it as I could have spent lots longer speaking to Rachel as she was so helpful and interesting. I'm now looking forward to starting my property investment journey. It was definitely worthwhile and money well spent!

    Andy C Property Coaching Client